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Qatar's Number 1 Laundry Services Company

Vesailles Laundry is a Premium Laundry Service Provider, offering its services to commercial clients as well as general public throughout Qatar.
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VERSAILLES LAUNDRY ensures an optimized, most efficient and cost effective laundry solutions to its customers. Tailor-made services as per customer’s requirements and schedules, make Versailles Laundry unique in the market that no other laundry offers in the market.

To maintain Versailles Laundry’s standards, quality of wash and lifespan of our customer’s garments/linen, we use the most advanced, effective and environmental friendly detergents & cleaning technology.

Each member of our team is highly professional and experienced in laundry industry with extensive knowledge of all fabrics, resulting in no chance of fabric damages during laundry process in Versailles Laundry.

In addition, repair & alteration services are also available for customers at Versailles Laundry, such as Button replacement / Stitching, Length adjustment and other repairs as needed by the customers.

Versailles Laundry is fully focused on premium quality of wash & dry cleaning, incredible services and competitive prices. Through consistently applying these principals, Versailles Laundry has proudly achieved customer satisfaction and trust landmark in a very short period.

Versailles Laundry offers Corporate (corporates, hotels, restaurants, hospitals & clinics ) and Staff discounts on their Office and personal needs. Versailles Laundry also offers attractive discounts on Student uniforms and Teachers’ clothing.

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